YEAR 2007

YEAR 2016

Price of a 1 m2 Land is 1 TL Price of a 1 m2 Land from the 1st Project is      210 TL
Price of a 1 m2 Land is 1 TL Price of a 1 m2 Land from the 1st Project is     400 TL
Price of a 1 m2 Land is 1 TL Price of a 1 m2 Land from the 1st Project is      600 TL
Price of a 1 m2 Land is 1 TL Price of a 1 m2 Land from the 1st Project is    1.500 TL
Price of a 1 m2 Land is 1 TL Price of a 1 m2 Land from the 1st Project is     2.000 TL

here are 2 important factors for these prices to increase so much.

First factor; one of the world’s biggest airport with 22 Billion Euro Investment is being constructed in the area. ( The construction has already started and actively progressing day and night )

Second major factor; the world’s biggest Project  with 50 Billion Dollar Investment Channel ISTANBUL will be build inthe area.  Furthermore a new Business Center city will be establised in the region for the 8 million people.

If the value of the area went up so much in the past 9 years, how much would it gain in vaule after the next 5 years?

1- This investment is approximately for 5 years.

2- All the tax and related expenditures will be paid by Garantialsat Gayrimenkul Yatırım A.ş. during and after the project is completely sold out.

3- The investor will benefit from the current magnitude power of the land, regardless of the value invested in.
E.g.  If the investor buys 100 m2 land, government will allow 2 flats equal for 100m2.
BUT if the investor buys 100m2 from 100.000m2 lands, government will allow much bigger equals due to the magnitude of the land, therefore the investor will get 6 flat equals instead of 2 flat equals when invested in 100.000m2 land.

4- The investor can become one of the signing authority in the company. In such case, current company can not borrow any money, can not do business, can not sell the land to anyone.

5- Garantialsat Gayrimenkul Yatırım A.ş. will remain as a shareholder within the company throughout and will not leave until the land is sold to end-user or a project is applied.

6- The investor can sell his share of the company to whomever and whenever regardless of the value.

7- There is no possibility to face lien problems on the deed in these projects which is normally faced in shared deeds projects. E.g. in shared deeds projects if a investor has 1 share and faces a financial problems, this investor’s money lender can put lien on the entire deed of the land and can auction it, Even if the real value of the land is 100tl this land can be sold in the lien auction as low as 10tl and all the other investors suffer and be victims.
There is no such risk in this company shares project. The money lender of the investor can only put lien on the investor’s shares not to the entire deed. (  It is not easy for money lender to find out about the investor’s shares)

8- Similar lands in the area can be found little cheaper. For the above reasons we are slightly higher than the average market.

9- During the year 2006, land prices in the area were around 1TL per sq m.  Now even the lowest prices are around 100TL per sq m. Even in some places this price is as high as 2000TL per sq m.

We are in 2016, within the last 10 years the value of the land in this area went up by 10folds per year profiting the investor. (The real reason for this high profit margin is due to the world’s biggest airport construction in the area. It is not possible to get such high profit margins anywhere else.)

Why Should I Buy Land From This Area?

 ***  Istanbul New Airport  ***

* The world's biggest airport will be opened on 29th October 2017 with its 90 million passenger capacity.

* Total Project cost of the Istanbul New Airport is 24 Billion Euros.

* All the phases of the Istanbul New Airport will be completed at the end of 2018.

* Istanbul New Airport will be the world’s biggest by far with its 200 million passenger capacity once it is fully completed.

* Istanbul New Airport is being constructed on 76.500.000m2   and will have the title of The world's largest airport “built from scratch” when completed.

* The construction site currently has the Turkey’s largest machinery park, with 800 high-capacity machines and 1,200 high-tonnage trucks are working day and night

* Approximately 10 thousand people currently work on the construction site of Istanbul New Airport. Once the project is launched, 1.5 million people will be working and will be accommodated in the area.

* Equipped with smart systems, 24.000 vehicle capacity parking will also be the Europe’s biggest.

* The Biggest Duty Free zone in the world and food services area will be on more than 100,000 m2 space.

* Istanbul New Airport will also be the world’s biggest and most significant hub for airways, land route, railroad, sea-borne cargo transportations and passenger transfers.


Why Should I Buy Land From This Area?



1-Population of the Istanbul Canal will be 7.500.000. The project of the new city and Istanbul Canal will be build on 453.000.000m2 area.

2- Characteristic features of the project are being unique and being the world greatest of the 21st century.

3- Total project cost is expected to be approximately 50 billion USD.

4- The city will be the 2nd biggest city in Turkey after Istanbul,
from the 453 million m2 area,
78 million m2 area for the new airport,
30 million m2 area for the Istanbul Canal,
33 million m2 area for city space,
108 million m2 area for the roads,
167 million m2 area for building plots,
37 million m2 area for the common green space will be designated.

5- Due to designated 108 million m2 area for the roads, there will not be traffic jams even during rush hours for the 7.5 million people. This will be the one and only in a century and will also be the first in all the world’s cities.

6- Connecting the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea  from Küçükçekmece Lake, the Canal will be around 40-45 km long, 400 meters wide and 25 meters deep. The width will be more than 1000 meters in some places.

7- Total of 10 bridges will be constructed with different Architectural Design and capacities.

8- From the each side of canal banks, 100 meters are reserved for Parks and Recreational areas.

9- Transportation to this area will be provided by 50 meter wide 8-lane roads consisting of 4 lanes for each flow on the both side of the coast line and 150.000 parking spaces will be build under these roads.

10- Nice scenery of the firths and marinas will be seen from the surrounding topography of the Canal.

11- There will be Cultural Center structures such as museums, conference halls, exhibition centers, show centers at the entrance of the Canal, along the coastline of the Canal and by the lake shore of Küçükçekmece, 

12- There will be a free trade zone in one of the firths. Turkish, German, American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, French, Thai, Italian, Brazilian, Persian, Spanish and other countries Characteristic structures will be build, restaurants will be on the lower floor of structures, upper floors will be home offices, management of these structures will be done by the nationals of the structures.

13- Mosques will be build in each neighborhood, the Central Mosque capacity will be for 72.000 people, furthermore structures will be build within and surrounding of the Central Mosque such as, an Ottoman style social complex, Cultural and Educational Center, Ottoman style bazaar, public soup-kitchen and apart hotel. The Central mosque will have 6 minarets to symbolize the six pillars of faith; other details of the structure will also remind the Islamic elements.

14- High altitude hills are reserved for the most esthetic high rise buildings in the traditional and the modern architectural harmony insured project totaling  46 km long.

15- 460 Esthetic structures will be built 100 meters apart from each other.

16- Next to these structures, 50 meter wide 8-lane roads will be build on either side and 150.000 parking spaces will be build under these roads.

17- From the highest point hillside to the lowest point of the Canal, height of the buildings will gradually decrease from 14 floor apartments to 2 floor apartments, villas and mansions.

18- Inspired by the Historic monuments, magnificent structures such as mansions and waterfront residence will be build alongside the Canal.

19- The first digging for this mega project is planned for 2016.

20- The project is intended to be completed for the 100th anniversary in 2023 of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

21- 15.000 people will be employed during the construction period.

22- Population of the Canal will be 500.000

23- Approximately 150-160 vessels will pass through the Canal daily.