Residence Permit For Foreign Investor

Residence Permit For Foreign Investor

Documents required for Residence Permit?
* The application for a residence permit should be made in person.
* Four (4) photographs
* The Passport (original)
* The photocopy of the passport (The page with the photograph, the page showing the last date of entry to the country, the page showing the validity periods)
* The photocopy of the title deed, if available
* Bank account movements or Foreign Exchange transaction receipt (300 Usd per month minimum)

Please click to download the Resident Form

What is the Cost of a Residence Permit?
The prices of the Residence Permits are determined by Foreigners Department. The costs change according to the inhabitancy, the currencies are USD/Euro and based on the daily Exchange rates. The costs are currently 60.-Euro / 90.-USD per year.

How long it takes to have a Residence Permit?
The time required to obtain a Residence Permit is almost 1 month. The Republic of Turkey gives a residence permit of 6 months to a foreigner who applies for the first time.

How to apply for a Turkish Residence Permit?
It's possible to get help from a Professional company of guide about this application; because this process is sometimes tiring. You should be patient and take guidance from an expert. 
In case you ever acquire a Real Estate of 200.000 Usd, the officers of Garantialsat will give you the best service as soon as possible.

Can the other family members profit from the residence when the head of the family gets the title deed?
When a head of family purchases a property in Turkey, this person can take the spouse and the children in the country after having informed the Public Autorities.