Kanal İstanbul's 'Environmental Plan' changes

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has amended the 1/100,000 scale Environmental Layout Plan of the Kanal İstanbul Reserve Building Area. With the change, the neighborhood concept, which will appeal to 500,000 inhabitants on both sides of Kanal İstanbul, envisions new residential areas where low-density residential areas dominated by horizontal architecture.

Will block the irregular and unplanned developments

Within the scope of the change of the environmental layout plan, on both sides of the canal, in a total planning area of approximately 26,500 hectares, in an area of approximately 10 thousand hectares that will address 500 thousand population, low-density residential areas dominated by horizontal architecture in the neighborhood concept and service to these residential areas new residential areas, including trade, official institutions, social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, social facilities and cultural facilities will be created. The details of this approach will be determined in sub-scale plans.

The population to be settled on both sides of the Kanal İstanbul will not be the migration population that may come to İstanbul from other cities, but the population that can come within the scope of the projection of reducing the risky structure stock and population density in the settled areas of İstanbul where the risky structures are dense. Due to these settlements, the population of İstanbul is not foreseen to increase.

The plans will be made considering the natural, cultural, historical and social characteristics of the city.

The areas to be used for the transformation of risky areas in disaster-risk areas will be beneficial for the transformation of risky areas of the city if planned in a controlled manner and will block the irregular and unplanned developments.

Green corridors will be built on both sides of the channel

In new residential areas, there will be green ecological corridors from east to west, south to north. In addition, forest area, coastal facilities, urban regional social reinforcement areas, urban regional green and sports areas, university area, technology development zone, tourism area, eco-tourism area, health tourism area, congress and fair area and logistics zone, such as coastal uses It is planned that the uses that will add value to Kanal İstanbul.